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Still Standing

September, 2008
1. The Cock and the Hen/The Silver Spear Trad. Arr. Pendragon
The first is a slip jig Josh brought to the band from the Ryan Collection; the second is a popular session tune the world over...

2. Wild Mountain Thyme Trad. Arr. Pendragon
First recorded by Francis McPeake, a native of Ulster, Ireland, in 1957, this well-loved song is a variant of “The Braes of Balquidder” by Robert Tannahill, (1774-1810). Dedicated to the memory of Carol Barney.

3. The Battering Ram/The Barmaid/Johnny O’Leary’s
Trad. Arr. Pendragon/Tony Sullivan, Arr. Pendragon/Trad. Arr. Pendragon
Josh put together these three great tunes and brought them to the band. The second was written by Tony Sullivan, perhaps the most important English performer on Irish style tenor banjo today.

4. Bonnie at Morn Trad. Arr. Pendragon
We chose to revisit this beautiful Scottish lullaby which opened up our first album... that’s right, an actual album,... in 1984.

5. Evit Gabriel Daniel Thonon, Arr. Pendragon
Meaning “For Gabriel” in Breton, it was written by Daniel Thonon, a musician who was born in Brussels and emigrated to Canada in 1963. He played in Ad Vielle que Pourra and later formed the group Montcorbier. It is usually played very fast so we had fun slowing things down and giving it a groove...

6. Between Me and You Trad. Arr. Pendragon
A lively version of this street song comes from the repertoire of Joe and Antoinette McKenna. We had the pleasure of performing with them in Providence at our first album release concert in 1984.

7. The Parting of Friends Trad. Arr. Josh Kane
This beautiful air is known as “Sgaríunt na gCompanagh” in Gaelic; Josh learned it from the playing of Matt Molloy. We dedicate this to the memory of Michael Shorrock.

8. Gravel Walk Trad. Arr. Pendragon
Bob first heard this tune played by banjo player/composer Bill Black at a session in Fall River. A four-part reel, we have chosen to play the D part twice, Donegal-style. Kevin dances up a storm here.

9. Loch Tay Boat Song Trad. Arr. Pendragon
This Scottish song about unrequited love was popularized by Andy M. Stewart. It sings the praises of the “Nighean ruadh” - the red-haired girl.

10. The Galway Belle/ Mickey Chewing Bubblegum
Trad. Arr. Pendragon
Bob learned the first polka from Al Brown at the session at Ward’s Publick House. Former Pendragon whistle player Phil Edmonds told us the second polka was one of the first tunes he ever learned to play in Ireland as a boy...

11. Spider and the Bee/The House of Clocks
Bob Drouin, Arr. Pendragon
Bob wrote the first tune for his twin granddaughters, Caroline and Katie. The second was written for his friends Alan and Helene.

12. Jock O’ Hazeldean Trad. melody, Lyrics by Sir Walter Scott
A Border ballad by Sir Walter Scott about a young lady who knows her own mind! It’s another early favorite of Pendragon’s that we wanted to revisit.

13. Jimmy Ward’s/Dusty Bob Trad. Arr. Pendragon
Dusty Bob is from Ryan’s Mammoth Collection: 1050 Reels and Jigs, printed in 1883 in Boston, Mass. by publisher Elias Howe.